Modular Plastic CNC

Why develop another 3D printed CNC when there are already so many different types available?  Well, actually that was the deciding factor. Why not develop some printed parts that can be used to build different types of CNC machines. What I mean is: the printed parts should therefore not only be usable for one type of machine, they should be usable for n-types of CNC machines (rigid milling bed with movable gantry or rigid gantry with movable milling bed etc.). And also the most of the parts should be reusable to build another type of CNC machine...if I want to do this.
So, you see,  the whole thing is more or less a challenge for me.


The headline already suggests that the CNC machine should be built primarily from 3D printed parts. As additional materials, I take the liberty of using pipes (round or square) and MDF (or other wood). But only to a small extent. From another project I still have 2x 800mm and 3x 400mm T8 threaded spindles  and  these I will use. The existing stepper motors are Nema 17. I plan to use little 4x13x5mm 624ZZ as bearings. So, then I also commit myself to M4 for the screw and nut size.


As CAD program I use the free software FreeCAD and my 3D printer gets its information from Cura.

What type I will build?

At this point I will not decide which CNC type I will print and build. As described above, I want to develop parts that can be used for different types of CNCs. So there is still time to think about it.

Updates to this point will appear under <My build>.