Modular Plastic CNC

My build


A decision has been made

At the moment most of the parts are developed and I have decided to build the unstable variant 2 of the CNC examples. Why? Simply that way.
The next time I will print all the necessary parts. In order to get a corresponding stability of the printed parts, I will print this parts with an infill of 70%. I'm sure this print of 103 parts will take time.


The first parts are printed.

This is the little pillar with a <ClampBearingMountTypeA>. I mounted a pipe and a lead screw to test how it would fit.


All parts are printed and the machine was completely built by me.

On this picture I have installed the Makita with the appropriate extension <MillingMachineMount65mm> on the X-axis.

The backside of the X-axis.

Inside and outside of the Z axis assembly.