Modular Plastic CNC

Additional/Special parts

RetainingPlate & RetainingPlateCopperNutMount

coming soon

Additional motor mount & Additional bearing mount

Additional pillar saddle complete


This part is necessary for example 2 and 5, and carries the milling bed.

SpecialCheeseSliceMain & SpecialCheeseSliceSidePart

These parts are relevant of example 1 and 2. Either a China milling machine can be mounted here or, with the extension, a milling machine with a diameter of 65mm.


I have developed an additional mount for my Makita milling machine. 

!Important! By using this part you cannot use M4x20 screws, you need 6x M4x30 screws.

Z-Axis motor mount

Z-Axis pipe clamp top

Z-Axis backing plate

The ZAxisBackingPlates are mounted on the upper and lower slides of the X-axis. 2 SledBearingMount are placed on the top of each ZAxisBackingPlate. If you plan to use the ZAxisStabilityPlate, do not fill the front right and front left nut traps on the ZAxisBackingPlate bottom.

There should only one copper nut on one backing plate mounted. Please do not use copper nuts on each backing plate.

Z-Axis stability plate

Z-Axis pipe clamp bottom

What you need for the Z-axis

  • 2x ZAxisBackingPlate
  • 1x ZAxisStabilityPlate
  • 4x SledBearingMount
  • 1x ZAxisPipeClampBottom
  • 1x ZAxisPipeClampTop
  • 1x ZAxisMotorMount
  • 19x M4x20mm screws
  • 12x M4x16mm screws
  • 8x M4x45mm screws
  • 39x M4 nuts
  • 1x copper nut
  • 6-8x M3x10 screws
  • 1x Nema17 motor

To mount the SledBearingMount on the carrier plate you should only use the M4x16mm screws.